Portrait of a lovely girl drawing with pencil in library

A foundation of education to put your child steps above

Early education should never be taken for granted – it is the earliest stages of education that prepare your child for the lifetime of learning.


Teacher teaching her student how to play musical instruments

A core curriculum to mold your child's curious mind

Your young child's mind is an incredible thing. Don’t let the curiosity and flexibility go to waste. You can trust our core curriculum to introduce and embellish on the basic educational skills such as language, math, and science.

Because your child is unique, he will have the individualized attention and freedom to learn in his own way. This highly effective form of learning puts him in a position to not only adapt to further education, but to excel.

Creative electives to nurture the individual

The creativity of your child should be embraced and celebrated. Your child will have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of elective courses to encourage his pursuit of his interests and exploration of expression.

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Spanish
  • Much more!

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